Business is changing.

Is your data center ready?

  • Don't get Hooked Prioritize Rick with a Data Center Assessment

    Data centers have many risks…

    Don’t get caught by the one
    that is hiding in plain sight!


Predicting your business future is impossible. That’s why ICS makes anticipating and meeting your data center needs easy. From facility development and relocation to optimization and financial management, ICS keeps your data center services in line with business operations every step of the way.

Assessment Services

  • Aging data centers
  • Availability problems
  • Rapid business growth
  • What Risks are in Your Data Center?
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Capacity Planning Services

  • Power and space constraints
  • Technology changes
  • Inventory management challenges
  • How Do I Manage the Demand?
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Data Center Relocation

  • Relocation planning experience
  • Managing timelines and cost
  • Acquisition/divestiture requirements
  • How Do I Get My Data Center Moved?
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